Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 10: 40 Menus To Go

Clue: “Where ash once swung, pine now rests”
Wink Wink here.  After pushing back the clue by an hour (“we’ll post at 6”, “we’ll post at 7”), I was starting to get a little antsy.  I was waiting for my dinner date to pick me up, and knew it would be right about the time as the clue dropped.  Perfect, if the clue was in our general area.  As I got the call my date was waiting downstairs – BAM!  Clue #10.  Going off a theory from Hot Sushi that maybe the clue could be Halloween themed and be somewhere like a cemetery, my first instincts were to look up Seattle Cemeteries.  First up (and closest) – Evergreen Washelli in North Seattle.  Perfect!  I figured that “ash” was part of Washelli, and pines – well, those are evergreens (right?).  And “rests” – a cemetery is a final resting place.  Whew!  I finally got a clue right!!  Except, M and I weren’t so keen on trekking through the cemetery two days before Halloween in the rain and dark.  So, we gave this one up.  Good thing.  I’m not sure if we would have survived that expedition knowing it would end in disappointment.
Across town, Hot Sushi was sure that there was some bar or restaurant that had “Ash” in it that was located on Pine Street, and it must have burnt down or somehow been destroyed.  However, being holed up on the west side did him no good following this clue.
Blake Light, on the other hand, was sure this had to do with the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 that destroyed a good portion of downtown.  However, due to her own busy social life, she wasn’t able to investigate this further.
When we finally got the answer, we were extremely disappointed.  It was at the Lowes on Rainier Ave, the historical site of the old Rainier’s stadium.  Come on now, BC.  Don’t you think a cemetery would have been awfully fitting for Halloween weekend?  Alas,

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