Thursday, November 18, 2010

Days 25 & 26: 24 Menus To Go

Clue:  On either end of the judge’s trail two menus lie in wait. Be quick my friends, steam on ahead, now go or you’ll be late!
To summarize today's hunting we would like to begin with a little game we like to call “two truths and one lie”:
  1. Team Menu: Impossible racked up a healthy $186 bar tab (happy hour prices - no food, mind you) Well done!
  2. Team Menu: Impossible had a dance party in the street to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

Needless to say, today's day started off full of excitement and hope.  Two menu's to be found today!  AND, we’ve reached  the half way point of the hunt!  Onguard - Team Menu: Impossible!  Stay on your feet. 
By the end of the work day (e.g. Team Menu: Impossible's co-location) no clue had been announced.  To prolong our co-location we decided it was best to go for a happy hour cocktail.  After recruiting a much higher paid and morally less inclined co-worker we headed off to the closest watering hole.  Following two (or three) rounds too many the clue was announced.

WE HAD IT!  Myrtle Edwards trail - also has train tracks close by and both end and beginning are in Seattle limits.  We split teams: Hot Sushi and I to the north, Wink Wink with the co-worker heading south.  Wink Wink called our rogue agent to confirm our suspicions, but he informed us we were on the wrong path – it was the Burke Gilman.  We turned around, but it was too late.  Quickly realizing our folly, once again, we called it a day for the hunt. 

However, the night still held a roller coaster ride of events. A vow of secrecy has been taken by the Menu: Impossible team to never speak word of the debauchery that followed.
Let's just say there was a questionable pit stop, a few tears, another tuck and roll, and more cocktails.


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