Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 12: 38 Menus To Go


It was a dark, cold, and miserable day in Seattle. Fall had arrived and it made my feet wet. Wink Wink and Blake Light were at an all day retreat (why does work always get in the way of our imminent success?), leaving it up to me, Hot Sushi to make the day’s success.

After finishing up in the office by one o’clock, I decided it was best for my health to run home, put on some dry socks, and finish at a neighborhood coffee shop. But which coffee shop?? Choose wisely, Hot Sushi, as your cup of joe’s location could be the key to your menu. I opted for Zoka in Tangletown. First, it was convenient to that evening’ plans. Second, Tangletown seems like a good answer to a clue, right? Or at least Green Lake. Either way, I felt prepared. So I waited for the update and got some work done… we really do work, I swear.

The clue….er, picture… was released and I was on it. With a few texts between Blake Light and myself, I actually solved this riddle! Maybe it wasn’t the hardest nut to crack, but it was the first one that the Menu: Impossible team had actually solved with 100% accuracy!! The cruel irony was, that menu was on the red monorail train, downtown, mere blocks from work. Mother nature, why must you mock me? If your relentless rain had not soaked my socks, I would not have felt the pressure to go home to avoid pneumonia! Just one more sunny day and my boots (which were in fact made for walking, but could easily run with a menu at stake) would have stayed dry and toasty, all geared up to hit that pavement and score that menu from B. Canlis’ jacket!

But alas, I can only sing what is becoming an all too familiar song for the team:


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  1. Seriously...our whole office has so much fun reading your blog. Every time we get to the end and read FAIL! we are equal parts heartbroken and humored. Keep it up.... Team:Impossible is bound for success!