Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 20: 30 Menus To Go

Clue: Three elms to remind us.

There we were: me, Blake Light, and Wink Wink…. getting as much work done as possible to be well poised for when the clue dropped. The latest FB post mentioned that we could expect word before noon. It was 11:13 am, coats were on, keys were in hand, potato chips and string cheese were eaten. Our team was in prime hunting condition.

The clue dropped. The team ran. Our building security and reception are starting to get a little suspicious of the Menu: Impossible team running through the lobby sporadically throughout the week, but what do we care about others’ suspicions? We were out for the kill! We were in the car and on our way - following driving off a curb and making a less-than-legal turn through a less-than-green light… go Blake Light!

Heading to our destination, the Remembrance Garden outside Benaroya Hall on 2nd and University, we were faced with a gauntlet of red lights, construction, and competition.

I, Hot Sushi, jumped ship about 6 blocks away and started running for it, taking the southern approach. Wink Wink, noticing some other menu hunters on the chase, did a tuck and roll out of Blake Light’s car, and headed to the Garden from the North. With military-like strategies like this, we were sure to succeed.

Wink Wink and I met in the middle, Wink Wink fatigued and broken by her choice in running apparel.
We searched high, we searched low, we search far and wide, but no menu! Blake Light was parallel parking (not her strong suit) and joined us minutes later. The amount of competition that turned out was impressive. What was not impressive was that we were in the wrong location. We did one last sweep for good measure before learning the menu was in Bellevue.

Really? The Eastside?? Canlis is a SEATTLE institution, not a Bellevue institution. Just sayin’.

We were down-trodden, weary, and hungry; those jalapeño chips only sustain a guy for so long, after all. Then we saw it:

"Man was not made for himself alone" - Plato

These words from one of our many mentors helped us remember why we were doing this in the first place: Three friends in search of the impossible. We are not just one lonely sad guy searching a tree.

No! We are three lonely sad guy and gals searching in a tree. All for one and one for all, right? Right.


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  1. When I first start reading this post, I thought for sure you had found it! Then I realized that Wink Wink would have sent me an email by now...

    You still have 30 menus to go!