Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 29: 21 Menus To Go


Dear Canlis,
Team Menu: Impossible has never had an issue with the level of complexity applied to the clues. In fact, in most instances, we have found them quite difficult.Self promotion aside, we have been known to dabble in some sudoku, crosswords, and spelling bees, but the history of Seattle is not commonly known among the three of us. While we may be inching closer to a menu, we attribute all of our near successes to our team training (and Wink Wink's tuck-and-roll).
Admittedly, today's menu at Canlis has now thrown off our entire game plan. Camping out at Canlis on December 11th will now be out of pure desperation as opposed to the assumption that on the last day the menu must be there.
This will not deter us though, and we must move on.

See you Monday, Brian.


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