Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 27: 23 Menus To Go

Clue: A roar of purple overhead, come echos of elation, but to and fro blue shirts would go when Owens ran the nation.
I, Wink Wink, was sitting in Blake Light’s office discussing the previous night’s events (of which, we are still contractually obligated not to discuss with you) when a semi-clue was posted, saying that Canlis would highly recommend wearing black for tonight’s hunt.  Blake Light immediately got it, saying “Isn’t tonight the Husky Black Out game?”  Bingo!  We were pumped!  We knew where it was!  Except……none of the Menu Impossible Team had tickets.  And since Seattle traffic was less than desirable around the stadium on game day, we decided to take B Canlis’ advice and stay home and warm, which involved some hot cocoa (Hot Sushi), cozy slippers (Me) and a Snuggie (Blake Light).
B Canlis – thanks for the tip to stay home.  We appreciate it.  If you could maybe next time just hide the clue at my home, we’d appreciate it even more.  Just a thought.


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