Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 14: 36 Menus To Go

Clue: With Leschi behind her Atlanta would bear, to where steam and gun smoke off filled the air.

I, Blake Light, was anxiously trying to enjoy a night at home while constantly checking the Canlis Facebook page to make sure nothing had been released. To keep my waistline and menu hunting skills up to par, I decided I could leave the computer behind and go for a run on what could be one of our last beautiful nights in Seattle for quite some time.

Shortly after my return I received a text from Wink Wink indicating that Canlis had let us know, “Be patient… its coming”. I proceeded to update my web browser approximately every thirthy seconds following this post. From a female perspective, when you hear the words, “its coming”, it is fair to assume that the action is quick to follow.

The tantric capabilities of the Canlis Brothers kept us waiting for roughly an hour and a half before sending the clue. When it came through Wink Wink and I were on the case. Roughly five minutes of internet searching and we had figured it out! It must be at Leschi Park where the Atlanta Steamboat has once been docked!

As I prepared to run out the door after the menu, I got a shocking text from Wink Wink. We were wrong! But how? This never happens to Team Menu: Impossible! She indicated it must be at Mercer Island where the Atlanta had headed into the gunsmoke. After a look at my new direction to correct my path – I got the news that the menu had been found.

Yet another fail for the Team Menu: Impossible. We do feel slightly optimistic that a menu may be in our future. We’re definitely on the right track, but where was Hot Sushi??


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