Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 13: 37 Menus To Go

Clue: O’er 100 steps and the view will show, where death once lay, waters now flow.

The Menu Impossible team spread out across the city last night to prepare for the hunt.  If it was at SeaTac, Blake Light was on it.  Hot Sushi was keepin’ it real by the water, and I, Wink Wink, was still downtown finishing up work and waiting for the clue (I may have been caught red handed on Facebook refreshing the Canlis page around 5PM, but I’m sure if he knew what I was up to, he would drop everything and join the search with us).
The clue dropped right at 5PM and my phone lit up with tips from other team members.  I instantly started to Google flooded cemeteries in Seattle (I swear I don’t have an obsession with cemeteries) but nothing seemed to really come up.  Then I remembered the memorial for a sunken ship out at Alki – maybe the clue was about a watery grave?  But how did 100 steps play into that? 
Then the text came from a coworker stating she knew it was in Volunteer Park, but unfortunately was caught in traffic on the 520 and there was no way she could get there.  Hot Sushi, in an attempt to stay “hot” and remain limber for the menu chase, was out running Discovery Park. Good effort, wrong park. With Blake Light stuck at the airport (why do out of town visitors have such horrible timing?!?!) it was up to me to get up to Volunteer Park.  I was on it!!! 

I began looking up bus routes since I didn’t have my car (what was I thinking????).  I found one right by work, but it had just left!!  I knew people were going to get it quickly, and I was going to have to race to the finish.  Let’s be honest though, I’m not the quickest runner in the world.  I prefer to run/walk, emphasis on the walk.  This was going to be tough.
The next bus would come in 10 minutes – I figured I could wait.  But as I got outside and refreshed my phone, I saw the news – the menu had been found!  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  We actually knew this one!  Had the teams’ planning been a bit more cohesive (Running? Airport? Working?), maybe we could have stuck together and got this one.  But once again,


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