Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 32: 18 Menus To Go

Clue: In the 88th year a secretary's pen softened insensible hearts. What place have we to be thankful for?

I really started feeling the pressure when Hot Sushi told me that he was also leaving the Seattle metro area for the rest of the holiday weekend.  With him and Blake Light both gone, I have to carry the team by myself all weekend!!!  I stayed downtown as long as I could on Wednesday, but with the threat of new snow and Thanksgiving traffic, I decided to leave the city in the afternoon to head up to Ma and Pa Wink's house.

At around 8PM, the clue was announced.  Ma and Pa were so excited to finally be a part of the hunt (even thought we were more than an hour away from Seattle).  Even the cats got excited!!!

I read them both the clue.  Since Ma Wink was preparing the Thanksgiving meal, she wasn’t too helpful.  Pa Wink, however, started throwing out ideas left and right.  Women's suffrage?  Washington's birthday?  Voting rights?  He even almost had me driving to Olympia!!  (This, my friends, would’ve taken hours.  Thankfully, the idea was nixed quickly).

When we finally found out the clue was in Seward Park, we were ok with it.  There was no way we could've gotten there to represent Team MI before anyone even remotely closer.  And to get another person on the side of Team Menu Impossible is always beneficial towards our ultimate goal.  One member of the Wink family was so embarrassed, though, that he couldn't even show his face.

Now that I've initiated Pa Wink into the wonderful world of Canlis menu hunting, he's decided to spend all of Friday in Seattle at a chance for one of two menus.  It's a good thing, because I'm not sure I can handle all of the pressure on my own.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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