Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 33 (and 34?): 16 Menus To Go

Clue: Two brothers go shopping downtown in disguise. Both on a mission: gifts for their wives. (Head to Frango's birthplace)
Well, talk about being at the right place at the right time.  And then going to the wrong place at the right time.  As I sit here writing this, I feel defeated.  Heartbroken.  And on the verge of tears.  Let me explain….
I had just finished a delicious downtown lunch with Ma and Pa Wink and some other friends and was walking back to work when I got a text from Blake Light saying that the menus were at Macy’s.  What??  I didn’t realize they were going to post so fast!  As I received this text, I was standing in front of Nordstrom.  So I took off running towards Macy’s.  I was going at lightning speed, dodging shoppers and jay-walking across busy roads (those wind sprints have really paid off!).  I got into Macy’s, but where do I look?  I scoured the first floor (jewelry, shoes, purses – everywhere my future husband should be shopping for me) but didn’t see anything.  As I made my way through each floor of the building (occasionally pushing small children out of my way on the escalator), I started getting the distinct feeling I was in the wrong place.  Just as I suspected, Blake Light called and told me that Frango’s were actually first started at Frederick and Nelson’s, now home to Nordstrom. 
I started running again, this time faster (not necessarily because I was running out of time, but because it was actually downhill this time).  I ran into Nordstrom, which seemed to be even more crowded than Macy’s (if that’s even possible).  After combing through the shoe and purse floor (again, that is where you can buy me presents) I headed up the escalator towards women’s and lingerie.  On the escalator I met a nice guy who casually mentioned while looking at his phone “Have you heard of this Canlis menu hunt?” to which I scream “That’s what I’m doing right now!!!”  But at that exact moment I refreshed my phone and saw that the second menu had been found!  Noooooooo!!!!!!!  I felt like I could cry.  I told the guy, but he didn’t believe me.  The poor guy thought he still had a chance and went off running towards Chanel (also, a good choice for me).
I roamed the floors for a few more minutes, hoping to catch a glimpse of B Canlis to make my life complete, but finally had to hang my head and make it down to street level, where I called Blake Light to tell her we once again failed.  I also called Pa Wink to tell him about the clue and my adventures, to which he said “oh, of course.  I knew Nordstrom was the home of Frango’s.”  That’s what you get when you don’t enlist the help of Pa Wink from the beginning. 
I can’t believe we missed this one – again – by seconds!  And I can’t believe I spent sooo much time at the wrong place!  And I can’t believe I’m still sweating as I sit here typing this from running around the stores in my winter coat, gloves, and hat! 


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