Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 17: 33 Menus To Go

Clue: Moch to the eagle: When is half way enough?

While supporting a failing football team on a rainy Saturday afternoon (no it was not the Huskies), I maintained a level of interest (for those who cared), while still easily distracted by text messages from Wink Wink to keep me on my toes. 
When the clue came through I was on it.  The game was officially over and I could flaunt my hunting skills without potential ridicule for any hardcore fans around me.  I had it within minutes.  Moch, the former coxswain for the winning crew team of the 1936 Olympics in front of Hitler, had lead his team to a win in the final half of the race.  THAT MUST BE IT!  If only we could find where that winning boat was. 
Meanwhile, I had to balance my drive to find the clue between the ever so swift and growing competition to Team Impossible.  While continually checking the status to see if anyone had made any progress it was clear: no one was close.  While making a quick stop in Easy Street Records I made my decision and announced for all other shoppers that, "WE MUST GO NOW.  THIS IS OURS". 
Being with someone who has yet to be initiated into the Team Impossible ways, I was at first concerned.  However, as we ran out the door towards the car he made a fair attempt to show me he was dedicated.  The sandwich board sign that he failed to clear with his leaps and bounds was nonetheless a promise that he was in it to win it.  Yet, should his lack of hurdling skills have been a foreshadowing for the fail that was to come?

We had bridges to cross, but nothing could stop us.  We were well on our way to the Pocock Rowing Center where the boat that led Robert Moch to victory in 1936 now rests.  With plenty of legal and swift driving, it was Blake Light behind the wheel.  After all, it only took us roughly 20 minutes to get to the location.

Upon our arrival we searched thoroughly.  There was nothing to be found.  Another check to Facebook and we got the bad news.  We were at the wrong location.  The halfway point for the rowers was 1000 meters past the cut on Foster Island in the Arboretum.  The sign indicated just how far we had been from the answer.

Although we failed, our continued dedication for the gold is nothing short of that of Robert Moch.  There will be no "weigh enuff's" heard here - we are well on our way and at 100%.
See you soon menu.

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