Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 18: 32 Menus To Go

Clue: Return Again, if Only He Could
There we were, me and Blake Light, once again working hard. With presentations to prepare, interviews to conduct, and projects to award, we were like drones keeping the hive in operation. Wink Wink was next door, busy crunching numbers and keeping her nose to the grindstone.
We were getting nervous. Blake Light and I had a meeting at 2.00 and the clue was coming anytime. Wink Wink was too busy. We were in a bad spot. Then it came: Return again, if only he could. I do not know if it was the Cantonese past lives I've lived, or divine intervention from above, but as soon as I heard the clue, I knew: Bruce Lee's grave! After confirmation from Blake Light's impressive wikibilities, we were at once delighted at solving this riddle and just as quickly crushed by our work confines. We were desperate, even trying to recruit Mini Impossibles to the team to run through Lakeview Cemetery on our behalf, but no one had the time! So close, but millions of miles away.
I hate to say it, but faith seems to be leaving me... what if we don't find three menus?  What if we don't even find one?? Can Menu: Impossible really fail? What is your plan for us, B. Canlis? How much more of these tests can you put us through?
The good news: we are solving clues and well prepared with Menu: Impossible's patented list of possible upcoming menu locations.... and we even seem to be projecting correctly!
The bad news:

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