Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 28: 22 Menus To Go

Clue: Seashells below, smoke rising above, the old Canlis landlord and a colonel unite.

Another work week done. Wink Wink, after a an impressive show of sprints and other grueling training exercises, was taking a well-deserved night off. Blake Light and I had packed it in and anxiously awaited in the car for the clue.

It came, we pondered. This was a tough one and we only had one phone between the two of us to do a lot of heavy lifting. We searched and searched and came up short each time. Finally, we hit. A magical combination of words and bam! we had the address (though still were not 100% sure of the meaning). There was no time for understanding, we had to get from downtown to 7201 Aurora, during rush hour, in the rain. It did not help that Blake Light initially tried to go without actually starting the car.

We made pretty good time. Stuck at the left turn light and seeing other hunters racing towards the prey, Wink Wink's spirit entered me and gave me the courage to perform her patented tuck-and-roll out onto Aurora, hop the median and haul Hot Sushi tail to the address.

I arrived and was seconds too late - literally. I saw the winner, menu in hand. We were closer than ever and instantly all of the things we could have done differently started to race through my head faster than Blake Light racing through a red light. And then it happened.... B. Canlis appeared and the introduction was made. His words of encouragement gave our sails a second wind and a renewed sense of focus. We will succeed (just not today).


*DISCLAIMER: while today was a Technical FAIL!, meeting the man who started the frenzy definitely made for a mini-SUCCESS!

**DISCLAIMER 2: though Blake Light's full head rarely makes it into the shot, rest assured she does have a full noggin.

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