Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 21: 29 Menus To Go

Clue: "danger of crammenbeer" -- say thanks to John G.
We got the notice that the clue would drop in less than 30 minutes.  Hardly anytime to prepare!!!  Hot Sushi was meticulously studying his list of possible hiding places while Blake Light and I sat anxiously in front of my computer.  Finally – the clue!  But…..crammenbeer?  Huh??  With Google being absolutely no help, we decided to split up the word with “cram” and “beer”.  What we found made perfect sense!  Bob Cram used to design beer cans for the Old Rainier Brewery.  That was even on Hot Sushi’s list!
We dashed out the front door, where, once again, our security guards looked equally confused and amazed at the 3 of us racing through the lobby every few days.  I, Wink Wink, set the pace and was applauded by my improved speed over the course of these hunts (we think B. Canlis is trying to get me in shape for the big meal at the end of our adventure).  With some questionable lane changes and an even more questionable U-Turn, we finally could see the Old Rainier Brewery!  

Blake Light and Hot Sushi jumped out of the car to search the premises while I lagged a bit behind, still Google searching to make sure it wasn’t at the previous home of the Rainier Brewery in Georgetown.  They scoured the building, but where was the menu?

With the search yielding no results, we decided that it must be at the Georgetown location.  After all hopping in the car and driving through the parking lot, Blake Light jumped out and took one more look around the loading dock.  That’s when I got the news – clue found at Garden of Remembrance downtown.  Um…what?!?!?!  The Garden of Remembrance??  Canlis – are you now stealing our ideas?  That’s where we were YESTERDAY!!!! 
We drove back to work in silence.  Hot Sushi was especially disappointed.  We even heard him mutter “I like Arby’s” as we drove past the fast food chain. 

Was this a reference to the fact we may never dine at Canlis and from now on will be forced to eat fast food?  NEVER.  We are a team.  A winning team.  And the reward for this team is a Canlis menu.  Watch out Canlis – here we come.


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  1. hi! brian's wife, rebecca canlis, here. i just wanted to say that you guys are amazing! keep up the momentum, i believe in you. :)