Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 9: 41 Menus To Go

Clue: “T.U-Dub”

Hot Sushi, on assignment. What we knew: the clue was not being released until 5 o’clock, giving the Menu: Impossible team ample time (off work) to continue the search for our holy grail. This was our day! What we didn’t know: how wrong we were.

Blake Light and Wink Wink were stationed downtown, enjoying some pre-holiday shopping, while I was covering the Magnolia/Ballard/Fremont sectors. I had settled in at home to study up and fulfill my civic duty of voting – don’t forget to vote everyone!! We seemed to be in good position and were all just waiting for the next post. Then it came: “T.U-Dub”. While Wink Wink was in the dressing room trying on the latest fashions, Blake Light was fast as lightning on creative possibilities. The obvious choice was University of Washington related… Tacoma Campus? An unknown Thompson Building? The not so obvious choice was Desmond Tutu (“T” “U” “Dub” or doubled = TUTU). That Blake Light – can’t drive too well, but boy is she clever. Taking advantage of our technological age, I got the options from Blake Light and started my search. Unfortunately, Desmond Tutu was on Semester at Sea, making him an unlikely hiding place (maybe next time, Rev!).

Along with all the others on the hunt, Tacoma seemed like the most logical and we were quick to accept our day’s FAIL. Boy are we kicking ourselves now. After being revealed that the Fairmont used to be the site of the Territorial University of Washington and was currently the menu’s location, Blake Light and Wink Wink were fit to be tied, having been so close, yet so far away. I too tasted bitter defeat as my devotion to success grows stronger each day and yet remains unrealized.

When Canlis?? When will we see our dreams become reality? We are good people (mostly… Wink Wink can’t help herself sometimes) and we are not asking for the moon. Just a menu or three. Well, there is always Friday.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


We would like to announce an exciting addition to the Menu: Impossible team!!

Because of our recent FAIL!(s), morale has been a little low and we've decided that a team mascot was needed to raise our spirits and provide the extra vote of confidence. This mascot could not be just any mascot however. Because the menus seem to be spreading ever further across the Puget Sound landscape (possibly even Mississippi according to Wink Wink), we needed something that was swift as the back of the wind, as stealthy as midnight, and could serve as our beacon of light when times get tough. Obviously this is a tall order and after much searching and countless interviews, we are proud to present...get ready for it...

HOO HOO!! (insert fanfare here)

As you can see, Hoo Hoo is a special creature that meets all of our needs. Her sleek rod-iron design provides stability during our turbulent search, while her ebony "coat" will keep us discreetly hidden in the shadows and out of sight of our competitors. The best part is, Hoo Hoo comes standard with a 150 watt light bulb (shade optional) for shedding a little extra light on those dark places where only minions can go - a necessity for menu hunting.

Please join us in welcoming Hoo Hoo - we are sure she will be a valuable asset to our family. RIDE HOO HOO, RIDE!

Day 8: 42 Menus To Go

Clue: “Is the cup half full or half empty? At 15,300 ft, a little water makes all the difference”
Wink Wink here.  I was at my desk, “working” hard, when I get the alert that a new clue has been posted.  A new clue!  But when I read the clue, I automatically think to myself “I am not a hiker and that’s a long way up”.  With nothing automatically coming to mind, I start to Google places in Washington that are 15,300 feet high.  The first thing I see is Mt. Fairweather.  “Alright,” I tell myself as I’m tying the laces on my hiking boots.  With Hot Sushi and Blake Light in a meeting, I knew it was up to me.  However, with a quick check of Google Maps before I run out the door, I realize that Mt. Fairweather is actually in Alaska.  Hmmm…. I know Canlis is trying to be tricky and all, but this can’t be right.  So I sit back down and start my online search again, ignoring the comments section of the Canlis Facebook suggesting I go to Medina (Medina?  No thank you.  Alaska sounded like an adventure, but not Medina).
“Yes!  I found it!”  Sardis Dam.  Although, I began to think I didn’t know of any big dams in the Seattle Metro area.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that this particular dam, running 15,300 feet long, is actually in Mississippi.  Alaska?  Mississippi?  Medina?  Canlis has me running all over the country!  Feeling defeated again, I made my way to a meeting with Hot Sushi, where we spent the full half hour on Facebook reading Canlis updates and texting Blake Light places she should consider going.  And then….Another Clue!!! 
“A little help on clue #8: Little Water = Tenas Chuck”
Well, that explains it, right?  Wrong.  We were still stuck.  Blake Light was out the door and half way to her car to follow an instinct about Qwest Field (due to the fact they possibly could host the World Cup and you can fit lots of human feet in the stadium) when the notification came through that the menu was found at the Ballard Locks.  I’m still confused about this one.  Nonetheless…..


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 7: 43 Menus To Go

Clue: "C:\Burgers"

The Canlis facebook page warned downtown Seattleites that the clue would likely be out of their reach.  But it didn't stop us from wanting to answer the question to see if it would be a feasible distance away. 
Shortly after 11am the clue was posted and we began to brainstorm.  For some reason, the first thing to come to mind was "Lunchbox Laboratory" in Ballard.  I would assume that people in the lab may occasionally use C:\?  Quite honestly, I was at a loss for the train of thought that led me to the this conclusion. 

Hot Sushi was not much help when he suggested that because he loves burgers so much, perhaps the clue was hidden on him?  After refusal for a strip search, we had to move on.

The third guess was the lunch room at Microsoft.  We were much closer with this guess.  However, by the time we came up with this guess we realized that the menu was already found and far out of reach.

The clue was found at the Burgermaster in Bellevue.  the C:\ was the clue to Bill Gates who used to frequent the drive-up burger joint.

I must admit, it is intimidating to see how quickly people are beginning to find the clues.  Within minutes of the clue's posting, someone has posted that they have found it.  Perhaps people are trying to deter folks from continuing the search?  We will find out....


Day 6: 44 Menus To Go

Clue: I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with Howard Schultz at Starbucks. First person to find us and say hi wins the menu.

Well, it was our day 4 and still no menus… this is turning out to be harder than we all thought. Come on! Day 4!! We should have at least three menus by now, perched high above Lake Union enjoying some fois gras and Muscovy duck for two – or three in this case. But no! Instead, Blake Light and I were busy in an 8 o’clock, Monday morning presentation. Where was Wink Wink and where are our priorities? We’ve got to be in it to win it and right now, I am seriously starting to doubt our commitment.

And what’s worse, the Starbucks of reference in the clue was walking distance from where the Menu: Impossible team co-locates. We could have had this one. No use in beating ourselves up though. This just serves as a much needed reminder that we need to step up our game – we still have 44 chances for success, after all. Day 4 just isn’t our day.


Day 5: 45 Menus To Go

Clue: 605 x 138 = 62

So I, Wink Wink, was enjoying a quiet Saturday morning with my brother, Little Wink. We had just finished a home-cooked breakfast and were settling in to watch some college football when I decided to check Facebook on a whim. To my surprise (and amazing timing) I saw that Clue #5 had just been posted!! I read it to Little Wink and thought "Man, it’s way too early on a Saturday to be doing math". But Little Wink, the genius he is, Googled the numbers with Seattle and came up with the Space Needle – genius! It’s 605 feet tall, 138 feet wide, and was built in 1962. It took us about .73 seconds to decide that we were going to get there from Green Lake as fast as my aging car could take us, pajamas and all.

After a near run in with a police car and a potential red light, we made it to the Needle, where I told Little Wink to run while I paid the meter. Running through Seattle Center with my jammies on and hair a mess, people were staring, but I didn’t care. I was on a mission. Little Wink and I even considered at that moment applying for the Amazing Race due to our amazing clue solving skills.

At the Space Needle, we split up running different directions around the base. After searching every nook and cranny, even going inside the gift shop, I decided to check FB again to see if anyone posted more clues. Someone found the menu 1 minute earlier! I was heartbroken. As was Little Wink.

We left Seattle Center feeling clever, yet defeated. We had figured out the clue in record time – this was the first clue our group had actually figured out! But we were one minute late. Should I have opted for flip flops instead of sneakers when throwing on shoes? Should we have hopped in Little Wink’s car, which may be more reliable? Should I have driven right up to the Space Needle instead of parking a block away, risking a ticket and possible tow, yet potentially finding the menu? I guess we’ll never know.


Day 4: 46 Menus To Go

Clue: “Clue will drop 82 minutes after sunset”

So there we were, Wink Wink, Blake Light, and myself, all “working hard” on a Friday afternoon after a rousing bout of coffee, conversation, and lunch, when the clue was announced: “Clue will drop 82 minutes after sunset.”

Easy enough right?? The sun sets at 6:10, add on an hour and 22 minutes, and BINGO!! Obviously this clue is directing us towards 732 Sunset Avenue.

So we did what any responsible employees on a hunt for a menu would do… hopped in Blake Light’s car and headed off to our destination. Needless to say, Blake Light’s driving was sub-par, yet surprisingly effective and speedy. Not knowing what we were looking for and only Wink Wink’s navigation skills to guide us, we ended up at Hamilton Viewpoint Park. We were definitely on the right track!

Wink Wink saw him first. A suspicious man in a van with a menu in hand. Blake Light was recruited to make the ask (she’s the personality of the group). FAIL. The man was not in on it. We kept searching in the increasingly heavy rain and would not be deterred. Our park-going friends seemed curious in our ruthless abandon for a cheap meal, especially the stunning image of me, Hot Sushi, running down a steep and muddy hill to search a drain pipe. But as is always the case, my arms were too short for a full search - if only I had my minion! WHERE WAS THIS MENU?? And why was there so much lose Kleenex blowing about?

The reality started to settle over us as noticeably as the dark clouds: maybe we were wrong?? After a few more drive-bys with some theme music for encouragement, we had to face the facts and give up. Being the voice of reason, Blake Light reminded us we still had 46 chances to go, but Wink Wink was taking the day’s loss especially hard. An updated Facebook post confirmed our worst fear: “It's not the actual clue. It's just another way of saying when we'll give you the actual clue. Stay tuned!”

The actual clue was “Six stars and a red bikini: when is the moon a mile away?” and referred to Blue Moon off of UW’s campus. Stupid, I know.


Day 3: 47 Menus To Go

Clue: "Miss Myrtle... why didst thou shun me?" 

Being brand new to the hunt we weren't sure where to begin.  The first thought was to google "Miss Myrtle Seattle".  Tilikum Place was the first thing we saw.  Knowing a park in downtown Seattle would be a great hiding spot we took off for 5th and Denny without reservation. 

Unfortunately for us, we hadn't taken the whole clue into consideration.  We took off for separate corners of the small park and began to search with high intensity.  The cement park (with no hiding places) proved as a failure. 

Although we realized that at this point we should likely throw in the towel we continued to search on our phones.  The only other leads were fruitless and we headed back to work with a feeling of defeat. 

Our one silver lining was the tall man we saw on his phone looking around the park aimlessly as we left.  We decided not to let him know that he too was in the wrong place.

It turns out that the clue was hidden in Gasworks park.  The park was originally named Myrtle Edwards Park.  However, a few years after the Edwards family decided to retract their family name from the park because the design called for the plant to be retained as is.