Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Days 22, 23 & 24

Clue 22: 和牛 at the flagship ya
Clue 23: Like, wow! Seattle was saved 34 years ago today
Clue 24: Annie Reed follows her heart 1:07:22

Okay…. we are approaching the halfway mark and still no menus for the Menu: Impossible team. We had a rough go of it over the weekend after several tried and true attempts in the week, all leading to a big FAIL! We were feeling hopeless, lost, and hungrier than ever. What we needed was some good ol’ fashioned R&R to recharge our collective battery. Unfortunately, Wink Wink’s telepathy was misfiring again and the Canlis boys booked the hiatus for Monday and Tuesday, not over the weekend, as directed. Good luck with Martha, by the by!

Poor scheduling aside, we took some time apart for reflection on our strategy and deployment. We knew that we were getting inside B. Canlis’ head, as the clues were all dropping at locations pre-identified on our list. Our clue solving times were down 32% - a great improvement, if I do say so myself. But where are we going wrong? A few theories on this one:

  1. Blake Light’s driving, while fast and effective, shakes Wink Wink and me to the core, altering our performance upon landing at the site.
  2. My taste for Arby’s has deterred my appetite from the end goal.
  3. Wink Wink has been showing vast improvements in her agility and determination, but is still not quite up to speed (literally) for those inner city sprints.

We have consulted with our life coach who has provided some very sound advice:

  1. Wink Wink and I need to bolster our nerves and learn to accept Blake Light’s driving – it is in her nature and cannot be changed. She does get us where we need to go after all, and that is what matters. We appreciate your understanding, Seattle City Police.
  2. A prescribed weekend of wine tasting and fine food has hopefully helped to put my palate back on track (thanks Voltera!).
  3. Wink Wink will be sporting a sweat suit and trainers at all times, with required wind sprints at intervals throughout the day.
With a renewed sense of energy and an iron will, team Menu: Impossible is ready to approach the second half with guts and glory. We are also using “The Secret” and thus, the universe should make it happen for us. We’ve got two chances tomorrow and I can’t see how we won’t walk away with dinner for four. As for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:


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