Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 16: 34 Menus To Go

Clue: By and by, 21 left him to fend for himself.
After our near victory Thursday, the Menu Impossible team was hoping for another work-time  clue that we could solve (successfully) together.  Unfortunately, as the clocked ticked away the hours, Blake Light and Hot Sushi decided to go their respective ways and call it a day.  I, Wink Wink, thought that perhaps a few happy hour drinks might help my problem-solving skills, so to lower Queen Anne and Ballard I went.
Finally, the clue dropped at 6:40PM.  I was at a complete loss!  Maybe those several happy hour drinks weren’t helping as I had originally thought.  A few texts between Blake Light and myself discussing possible sports teams got us no where, so we gave up.  And with Hot Sushi in a burger and beer coma, he wasn't much help either.  A little while later I read it was found at the Denny Monument on Alki.  Blake Light!  You live in West Seattle!!!  What were you thinking???  To her credit though, the MI team didn’t help her out on this one.  We were all apparently too busy gulping down another fail.
The night wasn’t a total loss though.  In an attempt to solicit an answer from Hot Sushi and myself, Blake Light mistakenly texted a Canadian friend the clue.  The Canadian in question responded with “ooh, was this meant for me?  How mysterious…..”  Now the Canlis hunt and the Menu Impossible team have  gone international!  Unfortunately for us though, the night ended in another

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