Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 37: 13 Menus To Go

Clue: Three days late: DDDBGF#A Where? Cu + Sn
I write this entry from my deathbed, where I pray that it will not be my last (COUGH COUGH). Hot Sushi ain't so hot right now. I am not sure of it is being sick with a cold, or heartsick with another FAIL!, but here is our day's story....
There we were, the Menu: Impossible team, hard at work once again. When the clue was released, Wink Wink was at her desk, stuck on research duty, while Blake Light and I were knee deep in a project, trying desperately to manage our work while googling the periodic table on our phones. Little did we know that was the easy part. We figured out that Cu (copper) + Sn (tin) = bronze.
Wink Wink was frantically searching for answers to the front end of the clue. She called me with a tip that it was the Jimi Hendrix statue on Capitol Hill, but there was not enough evidence yet to convince me to go running for it.

Seconds later, a second call: the tune was Happy Birthday and Jimi's birthday was three days ago. Being the leggiest member of the team, it was up to me to make a go of it.

With the speed and grace of a gazelle, I began the ascent from downtown to Capitol Hill on the cold, damp, traffic ridden last day of November. Dodging cars, pigeons, and more than one unseemly character, I was mere blocks away. Not having received a call from the team that it was already found, I felt hopeful, elated, that we might actually win this one!

I got to the NW corner of Pine and Broadway, just one crosswalk to go. Making leaps and bounds over traffic from both the left and the right, I saw him: B. Canlis - arms raised, signaling to me I was once again too late (I think he felt our defeat).

Just 30 seconds sooner and it would have been ours! This has taught me a valuable lesson in both trust and sacrifice. Trust, because if I would have gone with the spot-on instincts of Wink Wink, I would be making reservations by now. Sacrifice, because I now realize that though I am laid up in bed, drinking tea, and praying for salvation, the literal uphill battle I faced will lead to success soon.

(the real sacrifice - running in wet John Varvatos boots)


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