Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 39: 11 Menus To Go

Clue: Have no fear, Church is here. But how did she get from here to there?
Again, another clue after work hours while Team MI has split up and gone their separate ways. It’s been quite evident that we are much weaker as individuals than we are as a team. So at 7 o’clock when the clue was posted I was rapidly searching the net. As Seattle History Link has proven to be the location of numerous clue explanations I have begun to use this as one of my search engines. However, in this case, it FAIL!ed me yet again.
Each and every time I searched “Church from here to there”, “Church Boat”, and “no fear Church” the Nordic History Museum kept coming up. The only problem was the articles coming up as a result of the search were written dialogues of interviews with members of the Nordic society in Seattle. It was close to impossible to find any proof as to why this would be the answer! Yet, I was convinced that it must be there! Hot Sushi, enjoying his burger (yet again) in Ballard was dedicated to the team and ready to stretch his gazelle-like legs in search of our menu. Not convinced that this was the answer, I told him to wait a minute while I continued to search.
Meanwhile, Wink Wink, enjoying sushi in Belltown, texted me that she thought it may be the Museum of Flight. Given that the hint was the fear of flying, this confused me. Why fear flying if the clue is surrounded by planes? The final convincing clue was that one of the Canlis brothers revealed its location and Wink Wink was right! I was again cursed with the same feeling Hot Sushi had felt only days before – not trusting Wink Wink has clearly been a downfall of our team.
Regardless – the menu had yet to be found! Living in West Seattle gave us a bit of an edge to get to the Museum of Flight in time and we were ready to go (dog included)!

We hopped in the car and headed that way. I had recruited that special someone (no, not the dog) to be the runner if parking was a difficult task. But alas, when we were close to East Marginal Way, it was revealed that the menu had been found.
We are hoping that today’s clue will be during business hours, when Team MI is at their strongest!


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  1. Everyone knows that Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant, duh.

    Just kidding. But I was excited that it was actually at the Museum of Flight when I was with Wink Wink!