Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 45: 5 Menus To Go

Clue: The organ stops, the circle drops, and captives cry in vain.

With Hot Sushi working late, Blake Light and I decided to co-locate for the evenings clue over a few glasses of wine.  As this has proved to not be our strong suit in the past, we limited our consumption.  After waiting around in Belltown and getting no hints, we decided to make our way closer to my home in Greenlake.  While on our way, we saw that the clue would be announced around 8PM.  This would be perfect (as long as it’s on the north side)!  We ordered a glass of wine at the wine bar and let the bartender know that we may have to suddenly run out of the bar at a moment’s notice.  After a little explaining, she understood.
When the clue dropped, we were confused (surprise!).  After a few Google searches for organs and circles in Seattle, we thought the Paramount seemed like a good idea.  I threw my credit card at the bartender, told her we’d be back, and away we flew in the pouring down rain towards downtown in Blake Light’s trusty wheels.
With Hot Sushi on speakerphone, we discussed the possibility of the Paramount, as well as St Mark’s Cathedral.  When I got a phone call from a fellow hunter/poker buddy saying that he was on his way to Benaroya Hall (where they have a huge organ and a circle in the middle) we decided to deviate from the original plan and head that way too. 
I did my now famous tuck and roll out of Blake Light’s car and ran as fast as my rain boots could take me to Benaroya.  I scoured the lobby and was even approached by someone to see if I was here for the “event”.  I quickly realized the event in question was not a menu hunt.  I updated Facebook again and found out that it was actually at Woodland Park.

Of course it would have to be right by where we were having our after work wine!  We drove right past Woodland Park on our way downtown.  Had we figured this one out, we easily could’ve been the first ones there.  We went back to the bar, cold and depressed.  The bartender couldn’t even hide her disappointment in us as she took our picture. 


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