Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Letter to B. Canlis

Dear B. Canlis,

As you know, the holidays are quickly approaching and make for a good reminder for us all to get in the spirit and value the true meaning of Christmas. This Christmas season, we would like you to know that team Menu: Impossible is up for adoption if you are in the market. While we too are making charitable donations to a worthy cause of our respective choice, we would like to offer ourselves to be your worthy cause.

Wink Wink makes a great Tiny Tim.

All the best and happy holidays,
Hot Sushi, Blake Light, and Tiny Wink Wink

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I'll have to check with the wife regarding adoption. We aren't QUITE to that stage of life yet...

    Sorry about your epic fail on Saturday. I was the only guy in the market walking around with a bright blonde wig you know. (nice job Blake Light!) Someone even came up to me and asked "have you seen the Canlis brothers anywhere?!"