Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 50: No More Menus To Go

Clue #50: May the past provide you (with clues to guide you) great pride for what’s ahead! 4:6:3, 1:3:2, 21:3:11, 45:9:2, 18:4:4 #canlismenus

As you may or may not have heard, Menu: Impossible found our meal ticket. That being said, we did not find it fair to attempt the final hunt (that and we were all tied up in other ways). Now with that being said, the real work was about to begin. We have two phases of training ahead of us.
Phase I: prepare for what is to be a fantastic evening. We have consulted with the best nutritionists out there on how to expand our stomachs so that there is no disparity between our eyes, appetite, and gastronomic capacity. Wink Wink has been put on a strict nuggie diet and is perfecting her "nuggarito" recipe as we speak; Blake Light is training with the master hot dog eating champion from Japan; and I get all the Arby's I can handle. This gluttonous free-for-all only lasts through our Canlis meal, and then it is on to the hard work.
Phase II: prepare for the final hunt. We have been tossing around costume ideas, and will be ready to work of Phase I's presumably massive impact. Emphasis on massive. Wink Wink will go back to her wind sprints and is challenged to get herself down to a 12.37 minute mile, tucking and rolling over and under hurdles at the track. Blake Light is taking a "crash" course driving tutorial - I recommend you all stay off the roads of West Seattle the next couple of weeks. I will be purchasing some state of the art running shoes so as to give my boots a rest. They were made for walking, yes, but not for running - in the rain - uphill.
We are proud of our success and look forward to the next leg of our journey. See you all soon.... watch your backs!

Best of luck,
Hot Sushi, Blake Light, and Wink Wink

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