Friday, December 3, 2010

A Letter to B. Canlis

Dear B. Canlis,

As we count down the final days and menus in this epic journey of adventure, hope and tragedy, the Menu: Impossible team is fully committed to our search. We are training ‘round the clock, outfitted in the proper attire for whatever situation we may face (fatigues, elbow pads, hard hats, etc) and Wink Wink is even getting close to making a 13 minute mile…a great feat in itself!

As there are only 11 menus left, we had a brief suggestion that we wanted to run by you. Because this is the 60th Anniversary (congratulations once again!), wouldn’t it make sense to release 10 more menus to make it 60? OR! Since the Canlis enterprise originated in 1950, you could release 1,900 more menus to match that great year in history!! (Between you and me, I think it would be a lot easier to just release the 10 extra. Also, if you need more hiding places, my bag makes for an excellent option.)

We look forward to the coming days and have truly enjoyed the hunt. We’ll be making our reservation soon: table for three – you can put it under Menu: Impossible.

Best Regards,

Hot Sushi, Blake Light, and of course, Wink Wink


  1. Dear Menu Impossible Team,

    I am definitely buying your first round of drinks when you come to Canlis. And because I like your blog so much, here's a hint for tomorrow.



  2. I spelled sincerely wrong. I am seriously getting tired of my spelling mistakes.