Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 41 & 42: 8 Menus To Go

Clue: Buy a vowel: Gr__c_ is to C_nl_s is to c_v__ r, as T_rk_y is to _m_n & C_lv_ is to s_lm_n. Find us.
It’s taken me this long to let the disappointment semi wear off so I can update you on Team MI’s adventures from this weekend.  In the words of B Canlis himself, it was a doozy.
With a plan to meet up at some point on Saturday to work the clue as a team, we all went to sleep with visions of blonde wigs dancing in our heads (thanks to Blake Light).  When it was revealed that the clue would be in the 2 o’clock hour, Blake Light, Hot Sushi, and myself made a date to rendezvous at our downtown work location (the most central place we could think of) at 1:30.

We sat anxiously in the lobby of our building, refreshing our phones every 2.5 seconds, waiting for the clue.  With our Blonde Wig premonition, we were almost positive that this menu was going to be at The Paramount Theater, that was currently home to the musical Hair.  Since this is mere blocks from our work, we were ready with our running shoes.  I even started to feel a bit nervous – was this really going to be our day??  What would I say when I met B Canlis for the first time?  Are my (almost) 13 minute miles going to cut it getting there?
When the clue finally dropped (after 3PM), we, like many other menu hunters, got several of the words in the first few seconds.  Greece, Canlis, Caviar, Turkey, and Salmon were easy, but the remaining two words had us stumped.  We Googled everything we could think of about Turkey and Seattle and kept coming up with Turkish Delight at Pike Place Market, so we decided to go for it, as it was our only lead.
Hot Sushi took the wheel (his first of the hunt!) and really surprised us while dodging holiday shoppers and Apple Cup watchers.  Blake Light and I did the now perfected tuck and roll out of the car at the market and started running down the hill to Turkish Delight (which we later had to walk back up – this did not make me happy).


Scouring the restaurant, looking under tables and around corners, we realized that this was the wrong location.  We left defeated and didn’t even bother to get a gyro (something we all regretted). 

Walking back to the car, we didn’t even think to look around the market a little more, as it is a historical site that has not been home to a menu yet.  While refreshing our phones on the way back to work to clue hunt some more, I saw that one menu had already been found.

We sat in the car, having no ideas as to where to take this search next.  Then, the all too familiar post from B Canlis that both menus had been found – at the market!  Silence overtook the car.  We could barely speak.  How could we have been right there, and not looked around a little more?  Blake Light and I slowly stumbled out of Hot Sushi’s car, feeling the agony of defeat yet again. 

After countless emails back and forth within the team that evening, the mood was definitely somber.  I was about to give up entirely when I got a message from Hot Sushi entitled “Goonies never say die!!!”  I instantly perked up and thought “He’s right.  We will never give up!  We will fight to the finish!  We will SUCCEED!! We are Team Menu:Impossible!!!”

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