Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 49: 1, wait!

Clue #49: Eagle red! As seats, eyes rest.
Well my friends, it looks like this is it! Menu: Impossible has finally realized our collective dreams of SUCCESS! To be honest, we really didn't know if this day would come true, and the fact that is was #49 only added to what was to be a dramatic hunt. This is our story.
It was the day of our organization's Holiday party. Wink Wink was at the party-planning helm and made for a beautiful event... not to mention the food. Way to go Wink Wink! We knew the clue was coming around 4:00 pm - smack dab in the middle of the celebration. Blake Light and I were armed and dangerous and out the door within seconds of the clue's release. We instantly figured it was the Olympic Sculpture Park and with stakes this high, had no time to second guess.
We parked and ran for it. And ran. And ran. I started at the eye benches. Blake Light made for the Calder statue. Was this too obvious? Those Canlis brothers have been mighty tricky as of late and we knew that it would not be so easy this close to the end. To make matters more intense, there was B. Canlis, circling the park waiting for that lucky person to make the discovery. After searching for what seemed like an eternity, Blake Light and I regrouped.
There is something else we are not seeing. We reviewed lessons learned from all those many past FAILS! and had an idea: word puzzle! These guys love those! First we saw "taste" from seats in the clue. Nope - not at the restaurant. Then it happened: as if the clouds parted and divine intervention pulled the letters of the phone in front of our eyes- DaVinci Code style. ERASER!!! The first letter from each word.
We ran for it - Blake Light to the path, me to the sculpture. After a tongue lashing from beyond, I was relegated to the path. It was there, but where??? B. Canlis yelled out that the menu was NOT out of bounds. I saw a small boundary fence and thought that this was the closest you could get to the sculpture while obeying park rules. I searched and there it was. WE FOUND THE MENU!!! A calm washed over me as I yelled to Blake Light that I had it. She started jumping for joy, yelling to B. Canlis that we found it.
It was a great way to end the first leg of the journey. Our only regret - and it is a big one - is that Wink Wink could not be there. We tried to have B. Canlis call her to tell her the news, but alas! there was the party. We could almost see her tuck and rolling between the sculptures. The upside is we three will be having a lovely meal together, as it was meant to be. Now the hardest part: What do I wear? Should I buy them wrist corsages? See you soon B. and M. Canlis!!

Winning Team! (Wink Wink played by Mirabelle)


  1. Congrats to you all! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and am so happy you all got one! I can't wait to hear your account of the New Year's Eve hunt! Best of luck and enjoy your fabulous meal.

    --Sarah, a not so successful solo menu hunter.

  2. Hooray to all of you! Looking forward to the blog about the dinner! And yes, Wink Wink threw a great party, but she should have sneaked out to join you! :)