Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 38: 12 Menus To Go

Clue: On his day, 1962: Seattle celebrates an icon in an icon. Both are gone, but not forgotten.

There I was, home sick, recovering from some awful illness picked up in either a Frat house in Utah (yes, I am too old for those) after the BYU – Utah football game or in flight. Most likely the former – and no, I did not pick it up like that. The place hadn’t been cleaned after wrapping up their initiation week and it was not a pleasant site. I would have never stepped foot in there if the special someone I was traveling with didn’t have bragging rights to do so.  
I waited all day. Hoping that if the clue came when I was feeling up for it, I might have a good chance at the hunt! After some inspirational TV of Top Chef All Stars the rejected clue had been posted. I had ZERO good guesses on this one. Although, I have to admit, it was quite entertaining to see everyone else’s responses: “A lady Canlis relative gravesite”? CREEPY. I’m not sure its appropriate to continue to hunt, Susan.
As for the real clue, I was waiting on pins and needles. It came early much to my surprise and there it was. What?? First, it took me some time (and help) to decipher the difference between “his” day and “this” day. With help from that same special someone, I had the information I needed and continued to search.
My first inclination was the Smith Tower! Now, this may or may not be attributed to that fact that Team MI has thought that it will be at the Smith Tower for approximately the past 20 clues. It also may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Team MI members have been responsible for researching historic sites in Seattle to help us improve on our process. I thought, it must have something to do with Lyman Cornelius Smith. He was smart enough to get a building named after him – he MUST have a day after him, right? Also, when the Worlds Fair arrived in 1962 the Space Needle became the new Seattle icon. So, in that respect, the Smith tower is kind of the icon in the icon, right?
Unsettled, I continued my search. I kept thinking who’s day was it? Why – its Christopher Columbus, right? He’s absolutely has a day named after him! And what happened on Christopher Columbus day, 1962 in Seattle? Well, a big storm actually. No luck there. 

But I did find that Elvis Presley was in town a month prior and had spent September 12 with Albert D. Rosselini. When in the moment of the hunt, I can forget numbers, names, and definitely when Christopher Columbus day was. So, I was off on the tangent of Albert D. Rosselini and Elvis. Definitely and icon in an icon. And what a day it was!
Amazingly – the clue did have to do with Albert D. Rosselini. However nothing to do with Elvis, or their memorable ride on the monorail that day. I didn’t figure this out until Rowland had found his (this?) menu again!

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