Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 48: 2 Menus To Go

Clue #48: Wake up and take your vitamins.
Vitamins? More like the hair of the dog for ol’ Hot Sushi! After a rousing two rounds of cocktails and eats for the full Menu: Impossible team, Blake Light and I thought it best to find a nice cozy spot to hunker down in and plan for the remaining three menus. Again – only three left – no room for error here. As we were in my neck of the woods, which just so happens to be Canlis’ neck of the woods, we thought, “What better spot to strategize in than the home base??”
So we went for it. We sauntered into the Canlis bar and found a nice spot in front of the piano man. We mulled things over, trying to draw inspiration from the point of inspiration. We were feeling good, but of course that could have been the cocktails talking. After a lovely drink, dessert, and a Kenny G sighting, we departed for the car and headed home; a sparkle in our eyes and a kick to our step. Again, the cocktails.
My 5:00 am wake up call was not a welcome sound, especially after tuck and rolling into bed around midnight. As has been customary, I quickly went to the Facebook page to my utter disappointment. The clue was released and found – all before 5:00 am? I thought I got up early, but I guess only the really early bird catches the worm. Or menu as it were.
So there it was: we would not meet our stretch goal, but still have two chances left. Things aren’t looking so good.

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