Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Letter to The Brothers Canlis

Dear Mark and Brian Canlis,

When I got home last night after an evening of holiday shopping with Blake Light, I was tired and ready for bed.  I washed my face, took out my contacts, and put on my cozy Christmas-themed pajamas (don’t judge).  I was just about to hop into bed when I got a text from a coworker reading “free drinks at Canlis?”  I was instantly intrigued.  After debating back and forth about whether we could make it on time, we decided to go for it.  I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my life (as you could probably tell at the first sight of me)!
You two were so gracious to invite all menu hunters to your restaurant for free drinks and truffle fries.  My drink was refreshing (just as the waiter suggested) and the truffle fries were gobbled up in a flash.  It’s not like me to get up and go out at 10PM on a Tuesday night on a whim, but I am so glad that I did.  Meeting you two was the highlight of my week, month, and year. I was so giddy after I got home I couldn’t fall asleep!
Mark – Thank you for making us feel famous.  It makes the whole team happy that you read this little blog and are rooting for us to find a menu.
Brian – Thank you for being so excited to meet the 3rd member of the team.  Your face was priceless when I told you I was Wink Wink.
Thank you both for your words of encouragement as this epic journey comes to a close.  As you know, Menu:Impossible will be there til the end. 

Wink Wink  ;)

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