Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 40: 10 Menus To Go

It was a lovely winter’s day in Seattle. The Menu: Impossible team was feeling the spirit of SUCCESS! in our bones – especially Wink Wink, who knew today would be our day.
“Today's clue in the next thirty minutes” said the Canlis Facebook Page.
Blake Light was on her way to a work-sponsored luncheon, getting her excuses to leave early all ready and well-rehearsed. Wink Wink was at her desk, answering a phone call from me, Hot Sushi.
“Wink Wink! The clue drops in 30 minutes!” I said in anxious delight. “I am picking up food from Nordstrom and will be back in 10 – STAY ON THAT PAGE!”
“Roger that. Wink Wink out” replied an optimistic Wink Wink.
By the time I got back to the office, Blake Light had already excused herself from her previous engagement and was strappin’ on the Reeboks and heading to her car with Wink Wink to await our destiny. I quickly began to eat my delicious sandwich on the go and joined the ladies in the journey. We waited, and waited, and I ate.

The clue came: AQICTDIWDICTRWIHHOIIHACJAMMQCEKLQMOLMUAHIUO. Wink Wink took one look at that jumbled mess of letters and exclaimed: “EUREKA! I know it! Why it is Canlis Glass Gallery + Studio!” Blake Light, wanting to be sure, entered the letters into her decoder, with the obvious secret word, “Canlis” and confirmed Wink Wink’s eerie premonitions.

The Menu: Impossible team raced to the sight and rescued the menu from its resting place, enjoyed a lovely meal at Canlis, and lived happily ever after.


Okay. I’ll level with you. That is not how it went, but it sure makes a nice story. It is definitely better than the reality that was me, shoved in the backseat, eating and decoding simultaneously while Blake Light and Wink Wink searched for a glimmer of hope for over 30 minutes. It was almost too sad to post. Our only real glimmer of hope now is that it's a two-fer and B. Canlis will be hiding a second menu in my bag later this afternoon. This was indeed a doozy for us.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. Seriously.
    You guys are so going to get one!!