Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 46 & 47: 3 Menus To Go

Clue #46: Use an eclipse to make a period, but red, white and blue would be out of character for the first and last of its kind.

After wrapping up a few morning meetings, I was back at my desk, Google all ready to go, waiting for the clue that was to come around noon. As Blake Light and Wink Wink were out of commission due to a long meeting of their own, I was flying solo on this one. I was a mixture of fear and optimism. Fear because I was all alone to pull off the research, solve the clue, and get to the destination – all the while still being “at work.” Optimism because I thought, I am now the underdog and the underdog has to win. Too optimistic??
Luckily my meetings were done for the day, save a departmental potluck at 1.30. The clue came, but the answer did not, at least not to me. I searched and searched – ranging in ideas from old Seahawks uniforms (Qwest?) back to Sunset Park in West Seattle (ah, memories). I was feeling the sweat bead up on my brow from the panic that was starting to set in. Blake Light was messaging me left and right, but it was no use.
Then it came! A clue? That is what I first thought, but no! ANOTHER CLUE!!

Clue #47: Who’d have thought Gato would look so graceful, but Micah must have known.

I felt like a circus juggler who just had one more chainsaw thrown into my purveyance. What to do? Focus on the new clue or stick with the track I was on. Opting for the devil I knew, I continued on the history of Seattle eclipses. To add yet another bowling pin to the chaos at hand, a clue for #46. Again: I AM ONLY ONE MAN!

Hint: Bikes are best or bring a friend, there is no parking at the end.

That did it! I figured it out! Being a frequent guest of Discovery Park, this clue made it click for me. Also, it was on our list of perspective hotspots, which I was at that moment consulting for good measure. The bad news was 1) I had no way to get there, and 2) it had just been found. Meanwhile at a clue across town…
I was utterly stumped. I will be honest and tell you that I could not even adequately make any attempts to Google this one I was so stumped. I just wanted it to be over. Soon enough, I got my wish, the menus were found, and I could return to my optimistic state. Three more menus to go, after all. That was what we set out for those many weeks back. We’ve got to be spot on from here on out – a lofty task indeed, but not impossible for team Menu: Impossible.



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