Thursday, December 23, 2010

This is what SUCCESS looks like

It was finally here.  The day we’ve been waiting for.  What all the wind sprints, tuck and rolls, illegal u-turns, and Arby’s roast beef sandwiches prepared us for – dinner at Canlis!  The day was filled with anticipation and excitement as Team Menu Impossible prepared for their final prize. 

When the clock hit 4PM, Blake Light and I got ready in our little black dresses while Hot Sushi waited patiently in his dapper blue suit and in famous John Varvatos boots.  We headed down to the coffee shop/bar where our favorite barista popped open the celebratory bottle of champagne that Blake Light had generously provided for us.


Back in Blake Light’s car, the scene of so many Team MI fails, we could barely contain ourselves as she carefully drove the several miles to Canlis.

After finally arriving at Canlis and being greeted by an enthusiastic hostess, we were seated at Table 29 (the best one!) and immediately ordered our pre dinner martinis.

Our wonderful server, Joe, brought us our menu and began to explain the rules (what we could order, how much, and no, I couldn’t order one of everything and a very big To Go box).  Then began the appetizers.

Chestnut and Chocolate Soup with Foie Gras Creme Brulee

Steak Tartare

Canlis Salad

We had found out earlier in the day that Monday was B Canlis’ only night off!  What?!?!?  We had done this all for him!!!  We were disappointed, but figured this just gave us an excuse to go back again.  However, while devouring the third course, we saw him.  Coming down the stairs in a jacket and jeans (tisk tisk) was B Canlis himself!  He stopped by just to see us!!

We felt so happy that he took the time to come see us (and would like to send a note of gratitude to R Canlis for lending him to us for half an hour).  We were a bit saddened that M Canlis wasn’t there to see us as well, but don’t worry M – we’ll meet again.
After B sadly left, it was time for the main course.  Since the 1950s menu was technically just for two diners, Hot Sushi and I decided to take advantage of the deal and go with the Muscovy Duck (highly recommended by Joe) and Blake Light picked the Filet Mignon off of the regular menu.  The Duck was first presented to us as a whole duck, and then brought out to us a few minutes later cut in half.

The whole Muscovy Duck

The Duck Presenter

Half Muscovy Duck

Twice Baked Potato

Wagyu Filet Mignon

I must say – that duck may have been the best meal I’ve ever had.  Hot Sushi and I both went to sleep that night dreaming of ducks.  If I were to go back to Canlis, I would have a hard time ordering anything else (although one bite of Blake Light’s filet and I know that her meal came in a very close second).
About this time was when the piano man started playing some recognizable tunes.  Thinking there was no way he would know it, we sent Joe over with the request of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (a sort of anthem for Team Menu Impossible).  Not 5 minutes later, piano man began one of the best renditions of “Bad Romance” I’ve ever heard.  Blake Light and I just had to accompany him with the words.

Next up – after dinner drinks, compliments of B Canlis.  He ordered us a round of Café Diablo and told us to ask the waiter to get the flame above his head.  Instantly intrigued, we relayed this information to David, who wheeled out the cart of goodies for the drinks.  David did an amazing job getting the flame to go well over his head (while I’m sure losing several arm hairs).  We appreciated the show, as did all of the diners around us.

David preparing our drinks

The Flame going above David's head
Cafe Diablo


While David was preparing our drinks, out came our desserts. They were absolutely delicious.

Chocolate covered Chocolate

Creme Brulee

Earlier in the night, we had joked that we should ask piano man to play “Dynamite” (a favorite of the team), assuming that he wouldn’t know it.  Well, to our utter delight, he started playing our song!!!  Blake Light and I couldn’t resist throwin’ our hands up in the air.

The last surprise was a plate of mini peppermint cupcakes, courtesy of the restaurant (and the 9 different employees that came up to us throughout the night to tell us how happy they were that we found a menu and that they read our blog – we love you too!).  The cupcakes were the perfect final course to this fabulous meal.

Mini peppermint cupcakes and chocolates

Hot Sushi demonstrating how mini they really are

We couldn’t believe that our dinner that we had been anticipating for months was now (4 hours later) finally over.  It exceeded expectations in every way possible, and we all vowed to come back very very soon.  Thank you Canlis family for a truly unforgettable evening.  We appreciate it more than you know.

Until New Years Eve,

Hot Sushi, Blake Light, and Wink Wink ;)


  1. What a fun night! I'm so glad to hear it was all you hoped for.

  2. Watch out, Team Vitamin BANG! are bringing it on New Years! ;-) I will be enjoying my meal after the New Year. Gettin' stoked!

  3. Congrats! What a great reward along fun adventures