Thursday, October 28, 2010


We would like to announce an exciting addition to the Menu: Impossible team!!

Because of our recent FAIL!(s), morale has been a little low and we've decided that a team mascot was needed to raise our spirits and provide the extra vote of confidence. This mascot could not be just any mascot however. Because the menus seem to be spreading ever further across the Puget Sound landscape (possibly even Mississippi according to Wink Wink), we needed something that was swift as the back of the wind, as stealthy as midnight, and could serve as our beacon of light when times get tough. Obviously this is a tall order and after much searching and countless interviews, we are proud to present...get ready for it...

HOO HOO!! (insert fanfare here)

As you can see, Hoo Hoo is a special creature that meets all of our needs. Her sleek rod-iron design provides stability during our turbulent search, while her ebony "coat" will keep us discreetly hidden in the shadows and out of sight of our competitors. The best part is, Hoo Hoo comes standard with a 150 watt light bulb (shade optional) for shedding a little extra light on those dark places where only minions can go - a necessity for menu hunting.

Please join us in welcoming Hoo Hoo - we are sure she will be a valuable asset to our family. RIDE HOO HOO, RIDE!

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