Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 4: 46 Menus To Go

Clue: “Clue will drop 82 minutes after sunset”

So there we were, Wink Wink, Blake Light, and myself, all “working hard” on a Friday afternoon after a rousing bout of coffee, conversation, and lunch, when the clue was announced: “Clue will drop 82 minutes after sunset.”

Easy enough right?? The sun sets at 6:10, add on an hour and 22 minutes, and BINGO!! Obviously this clue is directing us towards 732 Sunset Avenue.

So we did what any responsible employees on a hunt for a menu would do… hopped in Blake Light’s car and headed off to our destination. Needless to say, Blake Light’s driving was sub-par, yet surprisingly effective and speedy. Not knowing what we were looking for and only Wink Wink’s navigation skills to guide us, we ended up at Hamilton Viewpoint Park. We were definitely on the right track!

Wink Wink saw him first. A suspicious man in a van with a menu in hand. Blake Light was recruited to make the ask (she’s the personality of the group). FAIL. The man was not in on it. We kept searching in the increasingly heavy rain and would not be deterred. Our park-going friends seemed curious in our ruthless abandon for a cheap meal, especially the stunning image of me, Hot Sushi, running down a steep and muddy hill to search a drain pipe. But as is always the case, my arms were too short for a full search - if only I had my minion! WHERE WAS THIS MENU?? And why was there so much lose Kleenex blowing about?

The reality started to settle over us as noticeably as the dark clouds: maybe we were wrong?? After a few more drive-bys with some theme music for encouragement, we had to face the facts and give up. Being the voice of reason, Blake Light reminded us we still had 46 chances to go, but Wink Wink was taking the day’s loss especially hard. An updated Facebook post confirmed our worst fear: “It's not the actual clue. It's just another way of saying when we'll give you the actual clue. Stay tuned!”

The actual clue was “Six stars and a red bikini: when is the moon a mile away?” and referred to Blue Moon off of UW’s campus. Stupid, I know.


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