Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 8: 42 Menus To Go

Clue: “Is the cup half full or half empty? At 15,300 ft, a little water makes all the difference”
Wink Wink here.  I was at my desk, “working” hard, when I get the alert that a new clue has been posted.  A new clue!  But when I read the clue, I automatically think to myself “I am not a hiker and that’s a long way up”.  With nothing automatically coming to mind, I start to Google places in Washington that are 15,300 feet high.  The first thing I see is Mt. Fairweather.  “Alright,” I tell myself as I’m tying the laces on my hiking boots.  With Hot Sushi and Blake Light in a meeting, I knew it was up to me.  However, with a quick check of Google Maps before I run out the door, I realize that Mt. Fairweather is actually in Alaska.  Hmmm…. I know Canlis is trying to be tricky and all, but this can’t be right.  So I sit back down and start my online search again, ignoring the comments section of the Canlis Facebook suggesting I go to Medina (Medina?  No thank you.  Alaska sounded like an adventure, but not Medina).
“Yes!  I found it!”  Sardis Dam.  Although, I began to think I didn’t know of any big dams in the Seattle Metro area.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that this particular dam, running 15,300 feet long, is actually in Mississippi.  Alaska?  Mississippi?  Medina?  Canlis has me running all over the country!  Feeling defeated again, I made my way to a meeting with Hot Sushi, where we spent the full half hour on Facebook reading Canlis updates and texting Blake Light places she should consider going.  And then….Another Clue!!! 
“A little help on clue #8: Little Water = Tenas Chuck”
Well, that explains it, right?  Wrong.  We were still stuck.  Blake Light was out the door and half way to her car to follow an instinct about Qwest Field (due to the fact they possibly could host the World Cup and you can fit lots of human feet in the stadium) when the notification came through that the menu was found at the Ballard Locks.  I’m still confused about this one.  Nonetheless…..



  1. As the one who figured this out right away, drove 40 minutes to Seattle to find it, and was sucessful regardless of the second clue... I'd be happy to explain if you'd like. ;)

    Great idea for a blog, by the way.

  2. I think this had something to do with the NOAA research vessel Fairweather, but that implied it would be somewhere on Lake Union to me, not the locks. I wasn't able to go check it out either way, though.